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Developer: Studio Tyrus; Based in Rochester, New York

Release Date: June 26th, 2014

Website: CapsAndHammers.com

Price: USD 19.99

Time: 20-30mins

Players: 4

Ages: 11+

Press Contact: oliver@studiotyrus.com or jon@studiotyrus.com

Social: Twitter, Facebook, Board Game Geek

Instruction Manual: CapsAndHammers.com/tutorial.html


The object of Caps & Hammers: A Particularly Cold War is to achieve SUPREMACY by having more supremacy points than your opponent at the end of eight rounds.Supremacy points are awarded to the players for each country and scientific project they control.

During each round, players take turns distributing a hidden action card onto the countries and scientific project in hopes of proving their superiority in every conflict. After both players have expended their cards and have revealed their plans, players gain control of the countries in which they have a higher action point sum. Players must reach the requisite eight action points to complete a project, and are constantly in a race to the next scientific milestone.

Each action card has a special effect that can turn a conflict to the player’s advantage, effects include shifting card locations, buffing action point values, stealing countries, revealing enemy plots, and etc.

Both players share a Defcon value that represents the state of war readiness of the two powers. If Defcon 1 is reached, both players must make concessions to avert nuclear conflict. Carefully spending this shared resource is essential to effective cold war strategy.


  • Negotiate the conflict or flaunt your nuclear arsenal, employ guerillas or lead and invasion, it's up the you to decide!
  • Complete in the Space Race and inspire patriotism throughout your nation.
  • Lead your faction to preeminence, and quash all advocates of peace.
  • Each playthrough feels like a new game with new crises.
  • Clean and modern art and visuals.
  • Win the Cold War!


Studio Tyrus is an independant game studio and publisher started in 2014. Studio Tyrus creates high-quality entertainment experiences that throw players into the fascinating and colorful world of history. Our current project is Caps & Hammers, a strategic card game based on the history of the Cold War. In Caps & Hammers, two players compete for world domination through subtle power-grabs, blatant aggression, and diplomatic trickery.



  • Jonathan D. Tang jon@studiotyrus.com
  • Oliver E. Barnum oliver@studiotyrus.com

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